Micro-Learning Courses

We call them “Tiny Training Bytes” -- bite sizes of training to earn training hours a bit at a time!

  1. Take a “byte” and watch the video or read the class.

  2. Fill out the questionnaire and return to ACRF.

  3. Earn 1.0 (featured written course)  or .5 hour of training credit (micro-training video)





1.0 Hour Credit Class  

JUNE 2017   Safe Sleeping Practices for Infants      Questionnaire

MAY 2017   Supporting Your Teen for Her First Visit to a Gynecologist     Questionnaire

MARCH/APRIL 2017   Emergency Preparedness for Resource Families     Questionnaire

FEBRUARY 2017 Addressing and Preventing Sex Trafficking        Questionnaire  (Please note this is the same course featured in our January Training Tracks.)

JANUARY 2017   Understanding Diabetes          Questionnaire        References/Resources



MICRO VIDEO TRAININGS  (Worth .5 Hour Each Video Clip)

These short videos pack a punch of training!  Use the Micro Training Questionnaire To Earn Training Credit for “Micro”-Videos Below. Post Up to Three Videos on One Form.

Printable PDF Form    On Line Form


JUNE 2017 (All About Babies!)  On Line Form

How To Calm A Crying Baby-- “The Hold”

How To Calm A Crying Baby— Other Techniques

How to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby

What is the Period of PURPLE Crying?

Baby 101: How To Massage Your Infant

How To Do Tummy Time with Your Baby


MAY 2017 (Focus on Teen Health and GYN Exams for Teen Girls)  On Line Form

First GYN Visit: A Guide for Teens


What Can Medical Providers and Teachers Do To Help You Take Charge of Your Own Health Care?

How Do You Prepare For A Medical Appointment?

Teen Self-Advocacy: How to Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate


MARCH/APRIL 2017 (Focus on Emergency Preparedness) On Line Form

Kids Earthquake Safety—Disaster Dodgers

Fire Safety for Families with Special Needs Children

Fire Safety for Families with Children who are Immobile

Fire Safety For Families with Children with Cognitive Impairments


FEBRUARY 2017    (Focus on Promoting Normalcy for Youth in Foster Care) On Line Form

Promoting Well Being and Normalcy for Foster Youth 


Youth in Care: A Conversation About Normalcy

Seeking Normalcy in Foster Care: A Youth’s Perspective 


JANUARY 2017 (Focus on Kinship Care) On Line Form

Kinship Care: Creating A Sense of Belonging   

Kinship Care:  He Is an Extension of Me

Kinship Family: They Are My Daughters

Kinship Family:  You Get A Call, Do You Want These Kids?

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