FASD 201 at UAA

FASD 201 at UAA

Friday, June 28, 9am - 1pm

Held at RADACT - University Center Suite 8, UAA

A Short intensive Course that covers how to develop succuessful interventions and supports for individuals with FASD.

This four hour training covers the State of Alaskas Division of Health and Social Services Office of Fetal Alcohol Syndromes FASD 201 curriculum.

Covers how working with individuals who experience an FASD reqires a shift in perceptions, what it means to live with a brain-based disability, interventions and how they can be used to support individuals ith FASD, evidence-based practices, intervention strategies and practice, creating networks of support for individuals and families , and the role of health and allied healthcare providers.

Participants must have completed FASD 101 or have prior knowledge of FASDs.

State if Alaska DHSS Office of FAS certified trainers

All participants receive a certificate recognizing that they have bee through this training

American Psychological Association (APA) Continuing Eduacation Credit is available for this workshop.

For more information go to www.uaa.alaska.edu/arcticfasdrtc