Foster Parent Suport Group - Bethel and Rural Villages

ACRF is offering monthly opportunties for foster families in Bethel and the surrounding villages to come together with other foster parents and ACRF staff for the informaton and support. The support groups will be held the third Thursday of every moth form 7pm-8pm. Foster Parents will receive training credit for attending in person or calling in. If you have questions about this support group-training oppurtunity for rural resource families, please call Olivia at 1-866-478-7307.

January 16, 2014

Time - 7-8pm

Lovation - Tundra Womens Coalition - TWC Conference Room

248 6th ave     Behtel, AK  99559

Foster Parents who live in Bethel can attend in person

Leaders - Bethel Parent, Pauline Bailey and ACRF Staff, Olivia Shears



  The toll-free, dial in phone number for the above support group is 1-866-554-6142, when asked, enter the code: 6253786188#.

If you phone in before the group leader, you will hear music - stay on the line. Foster parents will recive 1 hour of traning per credit.