Foster Parent Preparation Requirements


Core Training for Resource Families

Core Training for Resource Families is the training that families take when beginning the journey to become a licensed foster parent in Alaska.    Core Training prepares you about what to expect from the system (the professional duties of a resource parent) and what to expect from the children (the day to day responsibilities of parenting traumatized children.)    Core covers:

  1. Understanding OCS and the Role of the Resource Parent
  2. The Impact of Child Abuse and Neglect
  3. Separation, Grief and Loss
  4. Appropriate Discipline and Positive Parenting
  5. Understanding Culture and Working with Birth Parents
  6. Transitions and Reunification

Core is made available in several ways:


Your regional ACRF office offers Core in a classroom setting ranging from evening to weekend to daytime classes.  This is a great way to get ready for fostering and meet other resource families in your area. 

Web Based Core Training

ACRF has developed a web based course that takes resource parents through all the topics.  The course is at your own pace but an instructor guides you through.  In some areas, your licensing worker needs to approve completion of Core through this option if a class is available in your community. Flyer for Web Based Core

Self Study Workbook

ACRF has developed a workbook that covers the basics of the Core Training and allows families without access to the classroom or Web Based Core Training to complete the initial Core training.


Core Training for Relative Caregivers

ACRF has modified the Core Training to address the special needs of relative caregivers. This is available in both the self study version and in a classroom version. Contact your regional ACRF office for more information.


Core Training CD Based Training Curriculum

Are you a tribal worker looking to provide training for the foster families in your village? The Alaska Center for Resource Families has developed a CD Series that will help you deliver Core Training to your families either individually or in a group. It is designed to be easy to use and help fufill the training requirements for first year foster parents.   Contact your regional ACRF office to find out more or email

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