Opening Courses using Adobe Reader 

(Google Chrome is not suggested for our pdf courses and probably will not work)

Double click on the course you would like to read, the course will open in Adobe
If this bar is displayed at the top of the document, you need to open the document outside of the browser

Click on “Open With Different Viewer”

If it does not default to Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat click on “Open with” and then the down arrow

Click on “Other”

Click on “OK”

Click on “Adobe Reader” and then “OK” and then “OK” again

Read the course and then, click on “Test” or “Questionnaire” (Remember to look for the warning about forms not being supported, if it is there click on Click on “Open With Different Viewer” and follow the same steps) complete the course then click on “Submit” (Please print out or save a copy of the completed test in case the submission does not work)

Either your email program will open with the attachment, addressed to or this box. Follow the steps that are best for your situation.




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