Micro-Learning Courses

We call them “Tiny Training Bytes” -- bite sizes of training to earn training hours a bit at a time!

Take a “byte” and watch the video or read the class.

Fill out the questionnaire and submit to ACRF.

Earn 1.0 (featured written course)  or .5 hour of training credit (micro-training video)







Courageous Conversations     Questionnaire




Tips for Setting Up Good Communication with Your Foster Child’s Team     Questionnaire

What Foster Parents Need to Know About HB 151    Questionnaire

Navigating the Holidays with Youth in Custody      Questionnaire

The Importance of  Stability in a Foster Youth’s Education  Questionnaire

Tobacco, Marijuana, & E-Cigarette/Vaping Use in the Foster Home    Questionnaire

Disposing of Unused Medications   Questionnaire

Supervising Family Contact Time   Questionnaire

The First Meeting Between Birth and Foster Parent     Questionnaire  

Understanding Historical and Generational Trauma   Questionnaire   Bibliography of Resources

Working with the ICWA Worker for A Child in Your Home   Questionnaire

Boundaries and Touch in Foster Care     Questionnaire

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)      Questionnaire

Stinky, Smelly and Unkempt: Hygiene Issues for Foster Children      Questionnaire

Health Care and The Role of Foster Parents    Questionnaire

Back to School!: Getting Kids and Yourself Ready for the Transition   Questionnaire

Navigating the Birds and Bees Talk (Talking About Sex)      Questionnaire

Safe Sleeping Practices for Infants      Questionnaire

Supporting Your Teen for Her First Visit to a Gynecologist     Questionnaire

Emergency Preparedness for Resource Families     Questionnaire

Addressing and Preventing Sex Trafficking        Questionnaire 

Understanding Diabetes          Questionnaire        References/Resources


MICRO VIDEO TRAININGS  (Worth .5 Hour Each Video Clip)

These short videos pack a punch of training!  Use the Micro Training Questionnaire To Earn Training Credit for “Micro”-Videos Below. Post Up to Three Videos on One Form.

Printable PDF Form    On Line Form


Summer 2018  On Line Form

Teen Vaping Popularity Keeps Growing

Children Exposed to Second Handsmoke

Is Second-Hand Pot Smoke bad for Kids?

Safe Baby—Part 2  “Secondhand Smoke”

How to Pick Your Friends  (Mirror Neurons)


Spring 2018   (Shared Parenting)  On Line Form

We Are Foster Care-Birth Family

Foster/Resource Family Works Closely with Birth Parent

Shared Parenting Series (North Carolina Family and Children’s Resource Program)

Part 1: What is Shared Parenting for Children in Foster Care? 

Part 2: Overcoming Common Barriers to Shared Parenting 

Part 3: Shared Parenting: Advice for Foster Parents  


Winter 2018  (ICWA and Culture)  On Line Form

The Heart of ICWA:  Rhonda   

The Heart of ICWA:  Becky

The Importance of Potlatch

Culture of Foster Care Postcard Video Slideshow


         (Boundaries and Touch)  On Line Form

The Power of Touch/Jane Anderson  

How to Set Quick Boundaries without Upsetting Your Children  

How Do I Handle Manipulation and Control 

Ask the Teacher Why and Felt Safety

Healthy Touch Kids/Good Boundaries


FALL 2017  (Adoption and Hooray for Dads!)  On Line Form

We Are The Lucky Ones: Voices of Fathers in Adoptive Families

A Challenge for Adoptive Dads  

Dad Adopts Four Kids

Our Many Voices: The Lived Experiences of Adopted Youth 

Adoptive Family: DNA Doesn’t Define a Family, Love Does 


(Eating and Hygiene Issues)  On Line Form

Tips for Personal Hygiene- Real Life Tips for Kids with Autism

Teaching Personal Hygiene- Life Skills

Boys and Personal Hygiene (For Boys)

Foster Care Tips: African American Children’s Hair Care

Food/Eating Issues and Children in Foster Care

Engaging Food Battles


(Healthy Brains and Resilience)  On Line Form

Brain Wonders: Nurturing Healthy Brain Development from Birth

The Effects of Trauma and Neglect on Brain Development (A Fostered Life)

InBrief: The Science of Neglect

InBrief:  Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning

What Trauma Taught Me About Resilience (Charles Hunt)

How Brains are Built: The Core Story of Brain Development


SUMMER  2017 (Back To School)  On Line Form

Back to School Tips from State Farm 

Helping Your Kids Succeed in School 

5 Ways to Help Your Child Get Over School Anxiety 

Lunch Hacks  

Supporting Education for Youth Facing Barriers 


 (Talking About Sexuality)  On Line Form

Let’s Talk About Sex, With Foster Youth

Let’s Talk about Sexual Health:  From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

How to Talk with Kids about Sexual Abuse

Talking to Your Children about Sexual Orientation

Values and Beliefs Related to Sexuality

Parenting Tips: Talking about Sex, Helping Your Sexually Active Teen Be Safe


(All About Babies!)  On Line Form

How To Calm A Crying Baby-- “The Hold”

How To Calm A Crying Baby— Other Techniques

How to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby

What is the Period of PURPLE Crying?

Baby 101: How To Massage Your Infant

How To Do Tummy Time with Your Baby


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