Self-Study and Alternative Training Policies and Procedures

The Alaska Center for Resource Families offers self-study materials that qualify for training credit and assists licensed foster parents or adoptive families in meeting Alaska’s foster parent or adoptive parent training requirement, and to learn more information to help you care for special needs children.

We have a large selection of library materials that are available to anyone that visits our Fairbanks or Anchorage offices. If you live outside of Fairbanks or Anchorage and need material on a specific topic we can help you choose what’s best for you from our lending library and from our Self-Study Catalog. Call today and we can help you assess your needs.

Training Requirement for Foster Parents:

In Alaska, two-parent foster homes are required to have a total of 15 hours of training for their home each licensing year. Each parent on the foster care license must have a minimum of five hours (5) of training. Single-parent foster homes must have 10 hours. The Alaska Resource Family Core training is required for all foster parents and should be completed in the beginning of their licensing year.

Training Requirement for Adoptive Parents:

All families who are adopting children from the child welfare system are encouraged to complete the Adoption Learning Path, which includes the ACRF trainings: Core Training for Resource Families, Adopting through OCS, and Building Families through Adoption. This track of training prepares families for the realities and challenges of adopting through the foster care system.


ACRF Library Materials:

ACRF recognizes that some foster parents have difficulty attending onsite training due to child care and work demands. To help foster parents meet the annual training requirement, ACRF provides a self-study option to complete at home.

You may visit any of our ACRF offices and browse through the library and check out materials of your choice. You may also go to to order materials, take online courses or view our online Self-Study Catalog. You may email us with questions or concerns at or call ACRF at 1-800-478-7307 (479-7307, Fairbanks/North Pole).

We will make every effort to send your order in a timely manner. ACRF will email self-study courses and information packets to you in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf format) if you have an email address. We will mail books, videos/DVDs, Audios and CD-Roms to you,as well as, self-study courses if you do not have an email address. The checkout period for due back material (books, videos etc.) is two (2)-weeks.There is a 2 item checkout limit on due back materials. You may keep ACRF self-study courses and information packets for your future use.

Credit for Training:

ACRF will give foster and adoptive parents training credit for self-study or alternative training.


For each self-study course you will need to complete a questionnaire that shows you have studied the material and understood it. Read or view the course, fill out the questionnaire, and return the materials to ACRF. If you successfully complete the questionnaire, your training hours will be automatically recorded and if you have an email address a training report will be emailed to you. You can alwayscontact ACRF if you would like a training record mailed to you.

Both foster parents may complete the same self-study for individual credit, but must fill out separate questionnaires. ACRF will not accept self-study training credit froman individual that has already been credited with the same self-study within the last three (3) years. All training is credited for the current licensing year at the time it is submitted to ACRF. Self-study training submitted within your licensing year may not be carried over to the next year.

Alternative Training Credit:

Foster and adoptive parents can receive training credit for educational opportunities completed outside of ACRF training. For these alternative opportunities to qualify for training hours, the sessions must contain an educational component that pertains to caring for children with special needs. ACRF will not credit any training hours submitted that are over one (1) year old.You must complete the Training Information Sheet for Alaska-Licensed Foster Parents and attach documentation that you attended the training. This form and your verification will be reviewed by an ACRF training coordinator to ensure the validity and quality of your submission. Acceptable documentation includes a certificate of completion, a copy of a certification card (such as CPR) a letter or note signed by the presenter with the presenter’s qualifications, the hours in training and the title of the training.

Any independent study (reading or watching educational videos not in our library) may contribute to your training hours. To get credit, you need to fill out a special form called “ Selected Reading Questionnaire” or “Selected Video Questionnaire” available through ACRF. Foster or adoption related training completed through attending webinars can also be counted toward training hours. To get credit, you need to fill out a special form called “Selected Webcast/Podcast Questionnaire.” These forms will be reviewed by an ACRF training coordinator to ensure the validity and quality of your submission.

Foster and adoptive parents can earn training hours for attending a community information event such as a resource fair or an information fair or a community lecture if it can be shown to be related to parenting, fostering, or caring for children and youth. To get credit, you need to fill out the “Selected Community Presentation Questionnaire” available through ACRF. No more than two (2) hours can be awarded for an information fair, presentation or event. If the resource parent wants to claim more hours for the event, he/she must complete the Training Information Sheet for Alaska-Licensed Foster Parents and attach documentation of attendance at the event.

All forms are available on our website or you can call 1-800-478-7307 or (479-7307 in Fairbanks/North Pole).


1. The Alaska Center for Resource Families (ACRF) will make every effort to forward all materials from the video and book library to the requesting party within two (2) to four (4) working days of the request. We will email materials whenever possible.

2. When we cannot email materials, ACRF will pay regular postage costs for printed materials sent to the foster parent or community professional requesting materials. The individual making the request is responsible to RETURN resource materials to ACRF at their OWN COST for regular mail delivery. In the event postage cost creates a hardship for the foster parent, he/she is requested to contact ACRF for alternate arrangements.

3. The check-out period for due backmaterials is two (2) weeks. The due date can be found on the card pocket on or in each item. If you need more time to review the material, please call ACRF to extend the deadline PRIOR to the due date.

4. ACRF may find it necessary to put certain materials on RESERVED when they are to be used for onsite training or curriculum development purposes.

5. For any materials returned to ACRF in an obviously damaged condition, the library user will be sent a bill to pay for a replacement copy. If the materials are received by the requesting party in a damaged condition, they must notify ACRF immediately. There is NO charge for these materials though you are financially responsible for any lost or damaged material.

6. The limit for the number of items checked out during the same time period is as follows:

BOOKS, VIDEOS/DVDs, AUDIO TAPES AND CD-ROMs: You may order two (2) items or one (1) set per household, for a two (2) week period. A longer check out period may be given to remote areas - return dates may be increased up to four (4) weeks if requested.

COURSES, INFORMATION PACKETS AND CLUSTER PACKETS: There is no return date - you may keep the information sent to you. Please limit three (3) packets to yourorder. We will email these materials whenever possible.

7. In the event library items have not been returned by the date due indicated on the card pocket, a reminder postcard will be sent allowing a 10 day extension. If materials have still not been returned a 1 st and 2 ndnotice will be sent. These notices will include a bill for the replacement cost of the late materials.

Non-response within ten (10) days from the date of the second billing will necessitate in REVOKING OF PRIVILEGES to use any due back material from either of our ACRFlending librariesor from entering into any lottery for attending trainingand/or conferences ACRF offers until the materials or fee is returned to us. All financial assistance requests will be denied while a foster parent is on a REVOKED status.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Library Policy and Procedures, please feel free to call us at 1-800-478-7307 or 479-7307 for Fairbanks and North Pole areas.

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