Training Forms

Doing self-study on your own or need to submit training hours you’ve completed? Print out and use one of the following forms.

Want to know the ACRF Policies and requirements for submitting training?

At the Alaska Center for Resource Families, our mission is to assist you with training, learning and growing to meet your yearly training requirement as foster or pre adoptive parents. As most of you know, we have a huge lending library and many self study courses filled with information to assist your growth and learning, which is especially helpful if you are unable to attend our onsite training events.

However, we can also give you training credit for alternative educational experiences you have had through out the year. Some of you may ask, “What kind of alternative training are you talking about?”. There are many examples of alternative training. But here is a couple: CPR or First Aid, training sponsored by another agency, or even one-on-one educational sessions (that increase your knowledge about special needs issues). You need to also have documentation of the training, complete our Alternative Training Information Sheet and submit it to us for consideration. We’ll review your information and when ever we can, we will give you credit for your training.

Some of you may also ask, “What does not qualify as training?” Here are some basic examples: facilitating visitations between a foster child and birth family, taking a child to the doctor, attending a court hearing, or attending a meeting with your social worker. As much as we would like to give you training credit, these experiences just aren’t training, and we can’t give you TRAINING credit for them. Remember that to be awarded training credit, we must ensure that what you submit to us actually increases your skills and knowledge and educates you about special needs children in some way.

Use this form below to submit any non-Alaska Center for Resource Families training or workshops or individual training you have participated in. Acceptable training includes (but not limited to) First Aid, CPR, FAS101, classes about caring for special needs children, and parenting classes. Don't forget to add your certificate or proof of completion! Contact us if you have had training and want to know if those hours qualify for foster parent licensing.

Alternative Training Sheet (printable)

Alternative Training Sheet (online) *Must be able to attach the documentation electronically

Did you read a great book that gave you lots of new insights that you'd like to submit for training credit? Selected Reading Questionnaire Use this form to submit hours gained from self-study books.

Did you watch a helpful webinar/movie or listen to a podcast? Use this form to tell us about it to receive foster parent training credit. Selected Video-DVD-Audio Questionnaire Use this form to submit hours gained from watching self-study videos or DVDs or listening to audio training such as podcasts or radio programs or watching a webinar.

Attend an enlightening presentation? Tell us about it. Selected Community Presentation Questionnaire Use this form to submit hours gained from community presentation