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Supporting Cultural Connections for Children in Care September 8 and 9, 2021 Sponsored by the Alaska Center for Resource Families

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

VIDEO: Talking About Culture, Ethnicity, and Race (Rachel Hanft, Casey Groat and Tasha Yatchmeneff) HANDOUTS: Cultural IceBerg What Is CultureWhat Foster Care Feels Like

VIDEO: Elements of Culture within an Indigenous Framework in Child Welfare (Jessica Ullrich, UAA) HANDOUT: Resource Paper

VIDEO TO COME: How to Implement Cultural Connections into a Child‘s Life (Rachel Robertson) Slides

VIDEO TO COME: Talking to Children About Culture and Identity (Brianna Gray, FNSB School District) PowerPoint Slides

VIDEO TO COME: From a Family's View: Family Values Regarding Culture (Parent Panel Discussion)

Thursday, September 9 , 2021

VIDEO:. Preserving and Nurturing Cultural Connections (Carol Edwards) PowerPoint Slides

VIDEO: A Snapshot of Alaska Native Cultures and History (Kayla Cox, Alaska Native Justice Center) PowerPoint Slides

VIDEO: The Alaska Blanket Exercise (Jaclynne “Qalukisaq” Richards, Jackie Engebretson, Rachel Hanft) Timeline

VIDEO TO COME: Pivoting for Support -Educating Yourself and Your Child (Cyndi Smith and Stephen Adams, Knik Indian Tribe)

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