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Save the Date! ACRF Webi-Conference "The Winding Path to Permanency. January 21 and 22, 2022. 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


January 21, 2022. HANDOUTS

The Basics of Permanency (Sara Alden and Jessica Veldstra) PowerPoint and Notes

ICWA and Cultural Permanency (OCS ICWA Specialists) PowerPoint and the Video The Indian Child Welfare Act and References to Attachment and Bonding Research and Indigenous Connectedness as a Framework for Relational Healing within Alaska Native Child Welfare and Tribal Identification Guide and Choosing Our Roots and You Belong and Combined Main Book List

Independent Living Programs (Amy Magnuson) OCS IL handout.pdf

Evaluation for Day One

January 22, 2022. HANDOUTS

Changing the Permanency Plan to Adoption (Tara Pickett and Dawn Adams) PowerPoint Slides and BIA Guideliness for ICWA

The Journey To Adoption (Erica Johnson) PowerPoint Slides

Transitioning Into Permanency (Maria Vanord and Brenda Ursel) PowerPoint Slides and Moving in Foster Care and Activities to Help Children Grieve



More Information About How to Adopt Through Foster Care


Booklet: Becoming a Legal Guardian

WEBINAR: College Funding and Higher Education Supports for Current and Former Foster Youth with Amanda Metivier, Feb. 2021 (WEBINAR QUESTIONNAIRE)

IFAPA Lifebook Pages

Adopting from the Office of Children's Services NEXT CLASS: March 21. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Zoom

Orientation to Adoption and Guardianship Subsidies

Facing Foster Care in Alaska (Alaska foster youth advocacy group) http://www.ffcalaska.org/

Choosing Our Roots

Phojoe.com A photo company to restore photos and age regression photos.

Videos From Cultural Connections Webi-Conference September 2021

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

VIDEO: Talking About Culture, Ethnicity, and Race (Rachel Hanft, Casey Groat and Tasha Yatchmeneff) HANDOUTS: Cultural IceBerg What Is Culture What Foster Care Feels Like and Federal Registry of Tribes

VIDEO: Elements of Culture within an Indigenous Framework in Child Welfare (Jessica Ullrich, UAA) HANDOUT: Resource Paper

VIDEO: Talking to Children About Culture and Identity (Brianna Gray, FNSB School District) PowerPoint Slides

VIDEO: From a Family's View: Family Values Regarding Culture (Parent Panel Discussion)

Thursday, September 9 , 2021

VIDEO:. Preserving and Nurturing Cultural Connections (Carol Edwards) PowerPoint Slides

VIDEO: A Snapshot of Alaska Native Cultures and History (Kayla Cox, Alaska Native Justice Center) PowerPoint Slides

VIDEO: The Alaska Blanket Exercise (Jaclynne “Qalukisaq” Richards, Jackie Engebretson, Rachel Hanft) Timeline

VIDEO: Pivoting for Support -Educating Yourself and Your Child (Cyndi Smith and Stephen Adams, Knik Indian Tribe)

Past Webi Conference Videos

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