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Keep Learning and Earning Training Hours!

"Keeping Cultural Connections for Children in Care"

September 8 and 9, 2021.

To Earn Credit for watching these short under 30 minutes, use the Micro Training Questionnaire. You can list up to three "micro trainings" on a page.

Kayla Briet-(3 min) An introduction of Kayla Briet:

(13min) A film by Kayla Briet:

18 cultural films- Indigenous Cinema in the Classroom: Film times run from 3-4 min, some are 15-30 min, and two films are over 1 hour

5 Short films for kids: Each film runs about 7 min.

(30 min) Third Culture Kids: Though foster children may not be considered ‘Third Culture Kids’ I think they could relate to many of the experiences these young people share in the video. It may also provide some insight to foster families.

(3 min) How to talk to kids about culture: A short article accompanied by a 3-minute video.

The Myth of Race Debunked in 3 Minutes

To Earn Training Credit for watching these longer videos over 30 minutes, use this Selected Video Questionnaire

(46 min) The John Walkus Story:

(46 min) Heikima (Wisdom) Their History is Our History (History of Anchorage’s Black Community Leaders)

(60 min) Preserving and Nurturing Cultural Connections in Children and Families Carol Campbell Edwards, MSW LCSW - Assistant Teaching Professor, College of Social Work, Florida State University