Past Webi Conferences

Material and Resources from Past Webi Conferences sponsored by the Alaska Center for Resource Families

This training was presented and recorded in January 2021. To earn training credit of 7.5 hours, please view all videos, review the handouts, and complete the questionnaire for each session.

Part 1: Trauma, Threats, & Traditional Parenting (2.5 Hour Training Credit)

SESSION ONE, Pt. 1, Trauma, Threats and Traditional Parenting

SESSION ONE, Pt. 2 Trauma, Threats and Traditional Parenting

HANDOUTS: HANDOUT 1-1 Powerpoint; HANDOUT 1-2 Foster Care Regulations; HANDOUT 1-3 Triggers

Watch both parts of Session One then complete SESSION ONE QUESTIONNAIRE for Alaska foster parent training credit.

Part 2: Addressing the Fear Factor (2.5 Hour Training Credit)

SESSION TWO, Part 1: Addressing the Fear Factor

SESSION TWO, Part 2: Addressing the Fear Factor

HANDOUTS: HANDOUT 2-1 Powerpoint; HANDOUT 2-2 Life Value Scripts ; HANDOUT 2-3 Liar, Liar Pants on Fire! ; HANDOUT 2-4 Resource List; Julia Cook List of Books for Children

Watch both parts of Session Two then complete SESSION TWO QUESTIONNAIRE for Alaska foster parent training credit.

Part 3: You Can Trust Me (2.5 Hour Training Credit)

SESSION THREE, Part 1: You Can Trust Me

SESSION THREE, Part 2: You Can Trust Me

HANDOUTS: HANDOUT 3-1 PowerPoint; HANDOUT 3-2 Growth Mindset; HANDOUT 3-3 Parenting 911 ; HANDOUT 3-4 Tantrum Case Studies; HANDOUT 3-5 Cognitive Triangle

Watch both parts of Session Three then complete SESSION THREE QUESTIONNAIRE for Alaska foster parent training credit.


Use this MEDICALLY FRAGILE CONFERENCE WORKSHOP QUESTIONNAIRE to earn 1.5 hour of training credit for each of the following webinars.

VIDEO LINK #1: Fostering A Child With Medical Needs Who Is In the Custody of OCS

HANDOUT: PowerPoint Slides for Note Taking

VIDEO LINK #2: Working with Older Children and Youth to Manage Their Health

HANDOUTS: PowerPoint from Workshop: Adolescent Healthcare Transition; Adolescent and Parent Transition Health Planning Guide;

VIDEO LINK #3: Caring for the Medically Fragile Infant

HANDOUTS: Neo-Natal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome, Baby Massage Protocol

VIDEO LINK #4: PARENT PANEL Preparing Your Home and Family when Caring for a Child with Medical Needs

VIDEO LINK #5: Financial Resources and Support Services Available to Families Fostering the Medically Fragile Child

HANDOUTS: PowerPoint Presentation Financial Resources and Support Services, Medicaid Waivers, Glossary – Stone Soup Group

VIDEO LINK #6: Understanding Physical and Occupational Therapy

HANDOUT: PowerPoint Handout: Understanding Physical and Occupational Therapy

The Basics of Medical Monitoring Equipment-- Instructional Videos

VIDEO QUESTIONNAIRE FOR (.5HR) TRAINING CREDIT per video - can list up to (3) videos on one form

Air Compressors and Nebulizers

How to use Acorn Nebulizer with a mouthpiece. Demonstration on a child

How to use Air Compressor (for Trach patients)

How to clean and maintain the Air Compressor

Tracheostomy Care

How to Suction a Trach | Cincinnati Children's - YouTube

How to Do an Emergency Trach Change | Cincinnati Children's - YouTube

Aaron's Tracheostomy Page – The Internet's leading tracheostomy resource since 1996

Central Line Catheters

Your Child's Central Venous Catheter: Cleveland Clinic Children's - Introduction - YouTube

Apnea Monitors:

Apnea Monitors How to use Apnea Monitor and cleaning (Smart Monitor 2) includes troubleshooting tips

Part 1-How to use Apnea Monitor. A quick and active demonstration of the lights and alarms-best to watch after the previous video

Part 2 – How to attach apnea pads to baby. Demonstration on live baby

Oxygen/Nasal Cannula

How to use Oxygen Tank

How to put Nasal Cannula on baby. Demonstration on live baby

What it’s like to have a baby on oxygen at home. A sweet and informative home video of caring for a baby on oxygen

Feeding Tubes

How to feed a baby using a Feeding Pump and Gastronomy Tube. Demonstration on live baby

Home Tube Feeding for Children .Bolus Feeding/Syringe Feeding/Gravity Feeding/Electronic Feeding Pump.

How to place a Nasogastric (NG) Tube in a baby. An informative home video with tips. Demonstration on live baby

SEPTEMBER 2020 "The Toughest Job in Town (You'll Ever Love!)

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