Alaska Adoption Advocates

Alaska Adoption Advocates (A3) is a coalition whose members' primary goal is to find permanency for infants and youth in the state of Alaska. We believe there are many ways of building a family. We hope to bring awareness to the Alaskan community on the pathways towards permanency, whether it be through kinship care, foster care, adoption, or private adoption.

About Us:

Alaska Center for Resource Families The Alaska Center for Resource Families seeks to provide support, information and training to all of Alaska’s resource families (foster, adoptive, relative caretakers and guardianship families). We are dedicated to working in partnership with OCS, Tribes, and others involved in foster care and adoption. Our program welcomes all prospective parents regardless of race, age, sex, marital status, religious beliefs, physical disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Alaska Adoption Services Alaska Adoption Services matches prospective adoptive families with expectant mothers and fathers to safely place infants in their forever families. We work to ensure birth parents are provided with education, support, compassion and empathy as they choose whether to parent or make an adoption plan. We help adoptive families navigate through the steps of adoption including the emotions, education, and legalities of the process.

Heart Gallery of Alaska The Heart Gallery of Alaska utilizes the power of media to capture the individuality of children living in foster care in order to advocate for their adoption, raise public awareness about their needs, and obtain support to help meet those needs.

Office of Children's Services OCS ensures the safety, permanency and well-being of children by strengthening families, engaging communities and partnering with tribes. Their vision is Safe Families- Strong Families.

Otterson Law and Mediation Our focus is on families. Anchorage family law lawyer Stefan Otterson can help you manage any family situation, no matter how complex or delicate, and we will make sure you get the right kind of assistance.

Adoption Advocates Store

ROCK our Adoption Wear! Click HERE. Twice a year, we hold a tee-shirt and hoodies limited shopping event to promote foster and adoption awareness in Alaska. Tee -shirts and hoodies in variety of colors! Events occur in May and November! All proceeds go to bringing awareness to the waiting and needy children in our community!

If you are interested in learning more or joining the Alaska Adoption Coalition (A3), please contact any one of our members.

Brenda Ursel, Alaska Center for Resource Families-

Tami Jo Watson- Alaska Adoption Services

Victoria Ross- Alaska Adoption Services

Tiffany Brookwell- Otterson Law and Mediation

Erica Johnson- Office of Children's Services

Sharon Bronnee- Heart Gallery of Alaska

You can support our efforts in many ways! Contact Brenda at to help in any of the following ways.

      • Make a cash donation.
      • Volunteer at an outreach event.
      • Join the Alaska Adoption Advocates.
      • Display a display a banner at my place of employment during November Adoption Alaska Month.
      • Distribute flyers to promote adoption awareness.