Core Make Up Center

This page is for participants currently enrolled in Core Training for Resource Families by Zoom held October 20-November 12, 2020. You must be currently registered in this class in order to use these session for making up sessions. Check with your instructor for instructions. If you are not currently enrolled in a Core class, you will not be able to earn training credit for listening to these sessions or filling out the questionnaire.

Remember to complete the homework assignments and read through the handouts on the Core Training Resource Page for each session below. You can find these here.. . These are all required for completion of the class and are required for both in class and make up sessions.

INSTRUCTIONS: Listen to the audio session and then complete the questionnaire online. Sessions will open up each week after the class has been offered.

Core Makeup Session 1 and Questionnaire 1

Core Makeup Session 2 and Questionnaire 2

Core Makeup Session 3 and Questionnaire 3

Core Makeup Session 4 and Questionnaire 4

Core Makeup Session 5 and Questionnaire 5

Core Makeup Session 6 and Questionnaire 6

Core Makeup Session 7 and Questionnaire 7

Core Makeup Session 8 and Questionnaire 8