More Core Resources for New Foster Parents

Class Videos

Just Breathe (3 Minutes)

What is Historical Trauma (6 Minutes)

Removed (13 Minutes)

First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and A Child’s Developing Brain (14 Minutes)

Important Documents for New Foster Parents

Information about the WIC (Women, Children & Infants) Program

OCS Letter regarding Daycare Authorization Payment Changes and Program Rate Schedule

Request for Child Care Support Information

Information on School Stability Requirements

Safe Sleeping Practices for Infants and Toddlers

Allegations and Complaints Against Your Foster Home

Resource Families Bill of Rights

Foster Youth Bill of Rights

Foster Wear Program

Alaska Resource Family Handbook

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (Foster Parents are Mandated Reporters)

Understanding OCS and The Role of The Resource Family

For Families New To Foster Care:

Six Skills You Need To Master Before Doing Foster Care

Is Your Foster Care Village on the Same Page As You?

Ten Things Case Managers Wish Their Foster Parents Knew

Foster Care: The First 30 Days

The Red Placement Packet: What is in it and How to Use It

Resource Family Resources and Forms

For cultural resources, go to Our ICWA/Alaska Native Cultural Resources Page

Choking Prevention and First Aid Chart

AAP Bright Futures Healthy Child Check Up Schedules AND Instructions

Medical, Dental, and Medication Record Forms

Understanding the System Resources

Office of Children’s Services Webpage (Look Under Foster Care for Application, Look Under Publications for Listing of OCS related Documents)

Understanding the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

Understanding Team Decision Making Meetings

Icebreaker Meetings Between Birth and Foster Families AND More Info on Icebreakers

FamilyConnect: Putting the Pieces of Family Visits Together

Office of Children’s Services Complaint (Grievance) Process

CPS Policy and Procedure Section on Complaints and Grievances

Freqently Asked Questions about Investigations of Complaints & Allegations Against Foster Homes

Useful Guides Published by ACRF

Financial Handbook for Newly Licensed Foster Parents in Alaska

Education Guide for Resource Parents

Adoption and Disclosure

Paths to Adoption

Adoption First Steps Through Finalization

Family Matters: A Basic Guide to Custody Arrangements

Trauma Informed Caregiving Skills

Resources for Advocacy

State of Alaska Employee Directory Look up caseworkers or GALs contact information

Great Resources From Stone Soup Group!

Forms and Templates for requesting school assistance or special education assessment or intervention.

Request the Paper Trail Notebook to help you track information, appointments, assessments and more for your child with special physical, emotional, education or mental health needs.

Alaskan Special Education PARENT HANDBOOK (12 easy to read pages to educate you about special education requirements and parental advocacy in Alaska)

Resources for Self Care

Listing of Support Groups, Facebook Groups and Resource Family Supports in Alaska

Just Breathe Video

Self Care For Foster Parents (Using the Strengthening Families Model)

How To Make a Calm Down Jar (Glitter Jar)

Breathing Corner (Sync Your Breathing with This)

Self Care for Caregivers Video (British Columbia Foster Basics Series)

Self-Care Wheel

Honing Your Trauma Informed Parenting Skills

Understanding What is Meant by Flip Your Lid

The 3-5-7 Model: 3 Developmental Tasks, 5 Questions, and 7 Skills to Use to Help Children Prepare for Permanency

Engaging Youth Through the 3-5-7 Model Video

Trauma Informed Parenting: What Foster Parents Should Know

Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parent Association Lifebooks Templates

Reframe the Behaviour Infographic

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

ACEs 101

ACES Questionnaire

Resiliency Questionnaire