COVID-19 Resources and Activities

ACRF Office Hours and Contact: ACRF is currently teleworking during normal operating hours in response to efforts to slow down COVID-19. All on-site classes are currently cancelled but other services (self-study, web, telephone support, and training records) are still available though our offices are closed. We are here -- just at a distance. Continue to contact us for support, information, to learn how to become a foster parent or for support after adoption.

Call (800) 478-7307 or (866) 478-7307 or email

COVID-19 Update for Resource Families, 11/3/2021

COVID Update for Resource Families

Information About the Alaska COVID-19 Situation

Digital Visitation

With physical distancing being practiced throughout the state, family contact are mostly happening digitally which means visits are happening online, by video communication or by phone. Check out these resources from other states and agencies for ideas of how to make this process go more smoothly.

Activities at Home

Obviously, the internet is filled with ideas of activities for kids so go looking for them (and then let us know). Here’s just a couple ideas.

Keeping Up With Education

Schools in Alaska are operating differently throughout the state including going online or being closed. Check with your school district to find out resources and expectations for continued schooling. Meanwhile, here is a list of great education related sites.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Specific Resources

(From the Alaska Mental Health Board) The COVID-19 crisis can be especially difficult for people with neurobehavioral disorders. Many individuals with FASD have a high rate of pre-existing health conditions and often rely on the help of others. Below are just a few resources regarding how we can support individuals living with this disability.

Food Resources