Alaska Center for Resource Families

A project of Northwest Resource Associates

Our vision is that all resource families in Alaska have the information, training, support and skills to provide quality care to the children in their homes. The Alaska Center For Resource Families (ACRF) provides a continuum of services to Alaska foster parents, adoptive parents, relative caretakers and guardians.

ACRF has offices in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Mat-Su and Juneau. Through onsite, distance education and teleconference training, we provide the training necessary to become foster parents or to meet on-going training requirements for maintaining a foster care license. 

Pre- and post adoption and guardianship support services are available regardless of whether you adopted through the foster care system, internationally, tribally or privately. Services include an extensive resource library, adoption preparation training, case management, education through self-study courses or on-site and telephonic trainings, support, referrals and crisis management.

Our services are offered free-of-charge.  Contact the ACRF office in your area for more information.

What's Happening in Alaska...

November is National Adoption Month!

November is National Adoption Month, a time to bring awareness to adoption, adopting from the foster care system and all the great families, kids and youth who have adoption as part of their life. Learn more about National Adoption Month at

The theme for Adoption Month is Promoting and Supporting Sibling Adoptions. For more information on sibling connections and adoptions, check out these resource below.

Resources for Social Workers and Adoption Workers

Resource for Families and Potential Adoptive Parents

Resource for Youth and Adoptees

What Caregivers Need to Know About Human Trafficking

You will be seeing and hearing a lot more information about human trafficking and the connection to child welfare and foster care in the upcoming months.  Federal Legislations just passed (The Protecting Youth From Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act) includes several provisions to increase the awareness or and tracking of youth vicitms of human and sex trafficking.   You can find a good summary of HR4980  here.  It also includes provisions to help youth transition successfully into adulthood and establishing a standard for supporting “normalcy” for children in foster care.

To learn more about your role as a caregiver in detecting and preventing the trafficking and exploitation of the children in your care,   check out this great on line class put together by the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program  What Caregivers Need To Know About Human Trafficking.   You can also earn credit for this class by filling out one of our Selected Webinar Training Sheets.


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