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Tiny Training Bytes

Tiny Training Bytes— doing your training a bite at a time…  Our latest micro-training is focused on “Tips on Setting Up Good Communication with Your Foster Child’s Team.”   Try a Byte HERE. 


Spotlight Safe Sleeping



Foster parents, reduce the chance of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in babies less than 1 year old by following these guidelines:

  • Always put babies on their back for naps and at night- each time, every time.
  • Keep it simple in the crib—don’t use pillows, blankets, toys or crib bumpers. 
  • Use a firm surface such as a crib.  No soft surfaces that could suffocate!
  • Babies should sleep alone—not co-sleeping with a foster parent.  It’s great to share the room where you sleep—but not in the same bed.

For more information,  check out  Safe Sleep For Your Baby



Online Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training Available

Alaska Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training  This course was developed by the Children's Justice Act Task Force and The State of Alaska Office of Children’s Services to guide mandatory reporters of child maltreatment. Foster parents are mandatory reporters. Complete the course “Test Your Knowledge” and send a copy of your Certificate of Completion for a total of 3.0 hours credit.

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