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Alaska Center for Resource Families is the Papa John’s Alaska “Charity of the Month” for January 2019.


Do you enjoy hot, delicious pizza? Do you enjoy supporting a good cause (and getting 30% off?)   Place an order at any Alaskan Papa John’s location through the app or online or using the mobile app throughout January 2019, use the promo code ACFRF and Papa John’s will give you a 30% discount on your entire order, as well as donate 10% of your order total to ACRF! It’s that simple!! All proceeds will go to foster parent appreciation events in May.

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Parenting 911: When things get tough



What's Happening in Alaska...


For our families, children and professionals in Southcentral Alaska, we hope you are safe and sound.  This is an anxious time and the same is for the children in your homes.  So here are some good tips from the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services on Talking to Your Children about the earthquake and the resulting situations you may find yourself in.   (More tips  at )

  1. Talk to children and teenagers about their feelings and how they are affected.

  2. Use simple honest answers.

  3. Be prepared to discuss the same details many times.

  4. Let children know that adults also don't always understand why things happen.

  5. Do your best to be supportive, loving and predictable.

  6. Encourage them to engage in physical play and exercise.

Here are some helpful resources for helping children:

Tiny Training Bytes

Tiny Training Bytes— doing your training a bite at a time…  Our latest micro-training is focused on “The Importance of Stability in a Foster Youth’s Education.”    Try a Byte HERE.



Check Out Our Newest Audio Courses!

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Online Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training Available

Alaska Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training  This course was developed by the Children's Justice Act Task Force and The State of Alaska Office of Children’s Services to guide mandatory reporters of child maltreatment. Foster parents are mandatory reporters. Complete the course “Test Your Knowledge” and send a copy of your Certificate of Completion for a total of 3.0 hours credit.

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