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Using Tribal Health Organizations

When fostering a tribal child or Alaska Native child, use a tribal health organization for their medical and health care whenever possible.  Two reasons for this: a tribal child will use the tribal health organization throughout their life as an adult so help them establish a medical home so all their health information is in one place.   Secondly, OCS can maximize health care dollars by using tribal health organizations for the care of tribal children. When a tribal child comes to your home,

  • Ask your worker where your child’s medical home is and continue to use the same provide if possible.
  • When a foster child does not have a primary care physician, use a tribal health organization like Chief Andrew Isaac, or Alaska Native Medical Center or the tribal health group in your area.
  • When seeking a new medical provider, choose a provider within a tribal health organization
  • When needing immediate medical attention, take a child to a tribal health organization for that care.




Tiny Training Bytes

Tiny Training Bytes— doing your training a bite at a time…  Our latest micro-training is focused on “Tips on Setting Up Good Communication with Your Foster Child’s Team.”   Try a Byte HERE. 


Online Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training Available

Alaska Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training  This course was developed by the Children's Justice Act Task Force and The State of Alaska Office of Children’s Services to guide mandatory reporters of child maltreatment. Foster parents are mandatory reporters. Complete the course “Test Your Knowledge” and send a copy of your Certificate of Completion for a total of 3.0 hours credit.

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