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Parenting 911: When things get tough


Beginning July 1, 2019, Foster Parents are encouraged to get CPR Trained— and OCS will reimburse your class costs.  See the details HERE.


What's Happening in Alaska...



OCS encourages foster parents to include foster children in regular family activities including taking children on vacation travel with you.  Assistance may be available to help with airfare for out of state travel but plan ahead and put in your request as far ahead as you can.  Due to recent fiscal restrictions, limits have been put on the amount that can be requested. VACATION travel for children in custody is to be limited to $800 maximum air-fare per child with 1 vacation per each 12 month period with the Resource Family. Travel amounts still need to be approved, so plan ahead and work with your case worker.


Tiny Training Bytes

Tiny Training Bytes— doing your training a bite at a time…  Our newest “Byte”  is  “Moving Children from Foster Care to Permanency.”   Try a Byte HERE. 



ACRF, along with our parent agency Northwest Resource Associates,  is proud to again be certified by the Human Rights Campaign as an “All Children, All Families” organization.  We welcome and support LGBT families and parents to become foster and adoptive parents and we want all foster homes to be welcoming places for LGBTQ children and youth.


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