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Parenting 911: When things get tough


Beginning July 1, 2019, Foster Parents are encouraged to get CPR Trained— and OCS will reimburse your class costs.  See the details HERE.


What's Happening in Alaska...

Tiny Training Bytes

Tiny Training Bytes— doing your training a bite at a time…  Our newest “Byte”  is  “Parenting 911:  When Things Get Tough.”





Foster parents are responsible for ensuring the safety and well being of children placed in their care.  One safeguard foster parents can use is to ask for photo identification from any individual you are unfamiliar with.  All OCS employees have state issued Employee Identification cards that have their photo, name, position, and their employee number.  You can also remind after school programs, daycare providers, and babysitters to ask for IDs too.  When in doubt, politely ask the person to wait while you contact OCS directly to verify if a person is allowed to have contact with a child.



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ACRF, along with our parent agency Northwest Resource Associates,  is proud to again be certified by the Human Rights Campaign as an “All Children, All Families” organization.  We welcome and support LGBT families and parents to become foster and adoptive parents and we want all foster homes to be welcoming places for LGBTQ children and youth.


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