Training Track Newsletters

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October-December 2023 Training Tracks: Course Topic: The New Individualized Training Plan Refresher

September - December 2022 Training Tracks // Course Topic: New Foster Care Regulations

February - June 2022 Training Tracks Topic // Course Topic: Addressing and Preventing Sex Trafficking

August-December 2021 Training Tracks // Course Topic: Essential Life Skills to Teach Teens

January-July 2021 Training Tracks Topic: Understanding the Concept of Time

August-December 2020 Training Tracks. Course Topic:. Making Digital Visits Go Smoothly

Jan - May 2020 Training Tracks Course Topic; Parenting 911: When Things Get Tough

August-December 2019 Training Tracks Course Topic: Claiming, Not Blaming

January-July 2019 Training Tracks Course Topic; What Foster Parents Need to Know About HB 151

August-December 2018 Training Tracks Course Topic: The Importance of Stability in a Foster Youth's Education

January-July 2018 Training Tracks Course Topic: Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)