Culture, Alaska Native Topics, ICWA

Culture, Alaska Native Topics, ICWA

ALASKA LICENSED FOSTER PARENTS: To earn training credit, for each recorded teleconference training you listen to, fill out the Audio Questionnaire and return to ACRF.

Let's Talk ICWA: Transfer to Tribal Jurisdiction and Custody (Casey Groat, Tasha Yatchmeneff, and Maria Guerra)

Let's Talk ICWA Series: Permanency and Adoption (Trim NIck and Rikki Dubois, OCS)

Race, Ethnicity, Tribes and Corporations-- An Overview (Jessica Ullrich, Child Welfare Academy)

Foster Parents Working with Tribes (Tara Pickett, OCS)

Culture and Race (Dennis Swain, Knowing Who You Are)

Let's Talk ICWA: Tribal Jurisdiction (Kevins Illingsworth, UAF)

Tribal Courts (Rachel Hanft, ACRF)