Foster Care, OCS System and Licensing

Foster Care, OCS System and Licensing Teleconference Trainings

ALASKA LICENSED FOSTER PARENTS: To earn 1 hour training credit for each recorded teleconference training you listen to, fill out the Audio Questionnaire and return to ACRF.

Frequently Asked Questions about Investigations of Complaints Against Foster Home (Aileen McInnis, ACRF) HANDOUT: Investigation of Complaints FAQs

Concurrent and Alternate Planning (Tracey Eason, Alaska Child Welfare Academy)

Facebook and Confidentiality Guidelines for Foster Parents (Aileen McInnis, ACRF) HANDOUT: Confidentiality Guidelines for Alaska Resource Families Including Social Media

Engaging Youth in Their Caseplan (Facing Foster Care in Alaska)

Supervision Issues in Foster Care (Kimberly Mouriquand, ACRF)

Promoting Normalcy in Foster Care (Aileen McInnis, ACRF)

Setting Up a Foster and Adoptive Family Network in Alaska (Sabrina Owsley, Resource Parent)

The Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard (Aileen McInnis, ACRF)

Understanding ICPC (Lisa Marx, OCS)

The Alaska Resource Family Bill of Rights(RFAB Members)

Caseworkers Visits with Children in Foster Care (Sheridan Desgranges, OCS)