General Topics, Parenting, Mental Health

General Topics, Parenting, and Mental Health

ALASKA LICENSED FOSTER PARENTS: To earn training credit, for each recorded teleconference training you listen to, fill out the Audio Questionnaire and return to ACRF.


De-escalation Skills, Part 1 (Jonathan Bower, Denali Family Services) HANDOUTDe-escalation Skills, Part 2 (Jonathan Bower, Denali Family Services) HANDOUT

Fostering the Sexually Abused Child (Part 1 of 2) (Aileen McInnis, ACRF)Dealing with Sexual Acting Out Behaviors (Part 2 of 2) (Aileen McInnis, ACRF)

Individual Topics:

Negotiating Social Media and Teens (Kimberly Mouriquand, ACRF)

Recognizing Suicidal Thoughts (John Bennett, ACRF)

Helping Teens with Stress and Anxiety (Regina Davis, ACRF)

Childhood Trauma (Josh Arvidson, Child Trauma Project)

Dealing with Bed Bugs in Your Home (Becca Wachter, Fairbanks Public Health)