Resource Family Book Club ~ Reading Between the Lines

Come and join us for a fun and relaxing book club! Each month we will read a portion of the book and have a meaningful discussion.

Meet your discussion leaders!

Current book: The Connected Parent by Karyn Purvis

A limited amount of books are available to borrow or $10 on Amazon

Meetings by Zoom

12:00 to 1:00pm OR 6:00 to 7:00pm

Please register at 907-279-1799 or

Monday, October 10th - Read through Part 1 (page 60)

  • Page 45, “Try it Today” assignment. Write down three to five ways you can practice giving your child(ren) a 'yes', and try them out before we meet. Be ready to share your results!
  • Page 53, Four skills for meaningful relationships: Read through these and be ready to share and have a discussion!
Monday, November 14th - Read pages 63-112
  • Page 75, “Try it Today” assignment. Choose one new script and try it several times. Page 76 has additional scripts to start with. Come ready to share your results!
  • Page 89. “Try it Today” assignment. Spend time reflecting on what makes each of your children feel safe. Think of ways you can meet these unique needs and build feelings of safety in your family and home. Be ready to share your reflection!

Monday, December 12th - Read pages 113-173
  • Read about Dr. Purvis suggestions to build your toolbox (pages 145-151) and be ready for discussion!
    • Be a Detective
    • Transitions
    • Be Approachable
    • Matching
    • Share Power and Give Choices
    • Compromises
    • Re-dos
  • Chapter 10 discussion “Taking Care of Yourself”

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