Adoption Competency Training For Mental Health Providers

Weaving Adoption Competency Into Your Practice:

The Core Issues of Adoption and Permanency Series


Presented by the Alaska Center for Resource Families and the UAA-CHD Family Services Training Center

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10/13/23: 3 Tasks, 5 Questions, 7 Skills-- The Successful Base for Permanency

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11/10/23: Core Issue #1: Loss Begins the Lifelong Journey

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12/1/23: Core Issue #2: Rejection-- Why Me?

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1/12/24: Core Issue #3: Shame and Guilt-- The Outside In Emotions

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2/9/24: Core Issue #4: Grief- The Gateway to Healing

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HANDOUT Adoption Tasks Across Development

3/1/24: Core Issue #5: Identity- The Heart of the Human Journey

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4/5/24: Core Issue #6: Intimacy- The Drive to Belong and Connect

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6//7/24: Core Issue #7: Mastery and Control--Connecting to Resilience

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