Fostering the Medically Fragile or Complex Child


Use this MEDICALLY FRAGILE CONFERENCE WORKSHOP QUESTIONNAIRE to earn 1.5 hour of training credit for each of the following webinars.

VIDEO LINK #1: Fostering A Child With Medical Needs Who Is In the Custody of OCS

HANDOUT: PowerPoint Slides for Note Taking

VIDEO LINK #2: Working with Older Children and Youth to Manage Their Health

HANDOUTS: PowerPoint from Workshop: Adolescent Healthcare Transition; Adolescent and Parent Transition Health Planning Guide;

VIDEO LINK #3: Caring for the Medically Fragile Infant

HANDOUTS: Neo-Natal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome, Baby Massage Protocol

VIDEO LINK #4: PARENT PANEL Preparing Your Home and Family when Caring for a Child with Medical Needs

VIDEO LINK #5: Financial Resources and Support Services Available to Families Fostering the Medically Fragile Child

HANDOUTS: PowerPoint Presentation Financial Resources and Support Services, Medicaid Waivers, Glossary – Stone Soup Group

VIDEO LINK #6: Understanding Physical and Occupational Therapy

HANDOUT: PowerPoint Handout: Understanding Physical and Occupational Therapy

The Basics of Medical Monitoring Equipment-- Instructional Videos

VIDEO QUESTIONNAIRE FOR (.5HR) TRAINING CREDIT per video - can list up to (3) videos on one form

Air Compressors and Nebulizers

How to use Acorn Nebulizer with a mouthpiece. Demonstration on a child

How to use Air Compressor (for Trach patients)

How to clean and maintain the Air Compressor

Tracheostomy Care

How to Suction a Trach | Cincinnati Children's - YouTube

How to Do an Emergency Trach Change | Cincinnati Children's - YouTube

Aaron's Tracheostomy Page – The Internet's leading tracheostomy resource since 1996

Central Line Catheters

Your Child's Central Venous Catheter: Cleveland Clinic Children's - Introduction - YouTube

Apnea Monitors:

Apnea Monitors How to use Apnea Monitor and cleaning (Smart Monitor 2) includes troubleshooting tips

Part 1-How to use Apnea Monitor. A quick and active demonstration of the lights and alarms-best to watch after the previous video

Part 2 – How to attach apnea pads to baby. Demonstration on live baby

Oxygen/Nasal Cannula

How to use Oxygen Tank

How to put Nasal Cannula on baby. Demonstration on live baby

What it’s like to have a baby on oxygen at home. A sweet and informative home video of caring for a baby on oxygen

Feeding Tubes

Home Tube Feeding for Children .Bolus Feeding/Syringe Feeding/Gravity Feeding/Electronic Feeding Pump.

How to place a Nasogastric (NG) Tube in a baby. An informative home video with tips. Demonstration on live baby