WEBI CONFERENCE: The Legal Side of Foster Care for Resource Families

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Understanding the Child in Need of Aid (CINA)Proceedings Carla Erickson, AAG

WEBINAR RECORDING: Representing the Best Interest of a Child in Court Kaelan Kiernan (CASA) and NIkole Schick (GAL)

WEBINAR RECORDING: Welcome to Court! Kim Griffith, Court Administrator and Tribal Jurisdiction - Verna Solomon, TCC Tribal Court

VIDEOS: Layout of a Courtroom, Tips for Attending Court Hearings by Zoom, Moving Forward, And Stages of a CINA Case

FIND MORE VIDEOS AT: https://courts.alaska.gov/cip/index.htm#videos

WEBINAR RECORDING: Overview of the Transfer to Tribal Court with Maria Guerra, Kenaitze Indian Tribe

WEBINAR RECORDING: Investigation of Complaints and Allegations against Foster Home- Yurii Miller and Christine Edwards, OCS; Kimberly Allen, AAG; and David Garcia, RFAB

VIDEO: Understanding the OCS Grievance Process Sarah Abramczyk, OCS Program Officer

WEBINAR RECORDING: The Resource Family Bill of Rights Aileen McInnis and Candice Arrington, Resource Family Advisory Board

WEBINAR RECORDING: Process of Appealing a Maltreatment Substantiation - Jenna Test, State of Alaska

VIDEO: Confidentiality-- Maria Vanord, ACRF


WEBINAR RECORDING: Focus on Youth: Fostering Older Youth and Transitioning into Adulthood: Rights, Responsibilities and Resources -- Amanda Metivier, CWA; Sarah Lewis, FFCA

WEBINAR RECORDING: Life of an ICWA Case, Valerie Dudley, Alaska Child Welfare Academy

Updated Rights, Responsibilities and Resource Guide 2023

WEBINAR RECORDING: College Funding and Higher Education Support for Current and Former Foster Youth (WEBINAR QUESTIONNAIRE)

WEBINAR RECORDING: Understanding Guardianship vs. Adoption Jessica Veldstra and Dawn Adams, Office of Children's Services

VIDEO: The Importance of School Stability in Foster Care- Maria Vanord


FFCA Advocacy Video (2019)