Tool Kit for New Resource Families

tool box filled with hammers and screwdrivers

Here are some important tools for you as a new foster parent.


Questions to Ask Upon Placement

Financial Guide for Newly Licensed Foster Parents Updated June 2023

Resource Family Packet of Contacts and Forms Here you will find Program Contacts for Resources, Medication Log, Mileage Logs, Licensing Contacts, Vacation Reimbursement Guidelines, Incident and Damage Reports, and COVID information.

Medication Logs and Clothing Inventory

Transportation and Mileage Forms

Emergency and Damage Property Forms

Emergency Evacuation Log

Emergency Response Plan Form

Fire Escape Planner

AAP Bright Futures Healthy Child Check Up Schedules AND Instructions


Centralized Contacts List for Requesting Funding, Submitting Travel Requests or Checking on Foster Care Stipends

Information about the WIC (Women, Children & Infants) Program

OCS Letter regarding Daycare Authorization Payment Changes and Program Rate Schedule

Request for Child Care Support Information

AFTER HOUR EMERGENCIES: Call local office for on call worker or call Centralized Intake at 1-1-800-478-4444.


Thread for Child Care Referrals

Listing of Support Groups, Facebook Groups and Resource Family Supports in Alaska

State of Alaska Employee Directory Look up caseworkers or GALs contact information

Information on School Stability Requirements


Resource Families Bill of Rights

Foster Youth Bill of Rights

Office of Children’s Services Complaint (Grievance) Process

CPS Policy and Procedure Section on Complaints and Grievances

Frequently Asked Questions about Investigations of Complaints & Allegations Against Foster Homes

Resource Family Handbook June 2023

If you are fostering a tribal child...

Get connected with tribe by asking your worker who the ICWA Worker is or contact your Regional ICWA Specialist. Go to the OCS ICWA Page for tribal contacts, Regional Specialist Information and training on ICWA.

For cultural resources, go to Our ICWA/Alaska Native Cultural Resources Page