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Updates to Difficulty of Care Augmented Rates - May 2023

VIDEO:Difficulty of Care Augmented Rates with Sarah Abramczyk

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AnchorMICRO VIDEO TRAININGS (Worth .5 Hour Each Video Clip)

These short videos pack a punch of training! Alaska licensed foster parents can use this On Line Form

De-escalation and Self Regulation On Line Form

5 Unhelpful Responses We Have to Escalated Children and Adults

Why Practicing Can Help with Emotional Regulation

Using a “Stop and Think” Plan to Help with Processing

Social Media On Line Form

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids – The Basics

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids – Keeping Your Kids Safe

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids – Understanding Privacy

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids – Managing Excessive Use

Shared ParentingOn Line Form

Shared Parenting Series (North Carolina Family and Children’s Resource Program)

Part 1: What is Shared Parenting for Children in Foster Care?

Part 2: Overcoming Common Barriers to Shared Parenting

Part 3: Shared Parenting: Advice for Foster Parents

Boundaries and TouchOn Line Form

The Power of Touch/Jane Anderson

How to Set Quick Boundaries without Upsetting Your Children

How Do I Handle Manipulation and Control

Ask the Teacher Why and Felt Safety

Healthy Touch Kids/Good Boundaries

Eating and Hygiene IssuesOn Line Form

Tips for Personal Hygiene- Real Life Tips for Kids with Autism

Teaching Personal Hygiene- Life Skills

Boys and Personal Hygiene (For Boys)

Foster Care Tips: African American Children’s Hair Care

Food/Eating Issues and Children in Foster Care

Engaging Food Battles

All About Babies! On Line Form

How To Calm A Crying Baby-- “The Hold”

How To Calm A Crying Baby— Other Techniques

How to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby

What is the Period of PURPLE Crying?

Baby 101: How To Massage Your Infant

How To Do Tummy Time with Your Baby

Focus on Kinship Care On Line Form

Kinship Family: Creating A Sense of Belonging

Kinship Family: He Is an Extension of Me

Kinship Family: They Are My Daughters

Kinship Family: You Get A Call, Do You Want These Kids?